Clayton Hutson on VER and the One Republic Honda Civic Tour

The entertainment industry has a massive demand for rental equipment. That is why VER prides itself on being one of the leading and well-equipped companies in the global provision of sound and production equipment. VER provides an array of services including supplying advanced technology to television stations, cinemas and live broadcasts. For the Honda Civic Tour of One Direction held in 2017, VER was instrumental in providing video, lighting and automation. Front of House (FOH) engineers, Mr. Trey Smith and David McMullin applied DiGiCo’s SD7s for monitoring purposes.


Hutson’s Sentiments


The public address system (P.A) comprised d&b audiotecnnik, J-series, J-Subs, all powered by D80 amps. According to Clay Hutson, the systems are safe and efficient to use. They can also be relied on for automation. Hutson also said that the systems offer repeatable movements, precise and hooked to a thread and needle. The system’s perfection provides so much to be achieved in music and entertainment.




Clay Hutson has been working in the music from a tender age. He understands the value of high-quality production. In sound and stage set-up, he has vast experience hence his qualification to offer reviews on some of the world’s best suppliers for sound and production equipment. As a production manager with vast experience, Clay Hutson creates a comfortable environment for entertainment.




Clay’s services include production, rigging, stage preparation, design, logistics and management. Clay provides clients with instant, budget-friendly solutions. Clay is an explorer. That is why he has used DiGiCo’s SD11 console, a system launched by Aaron Lewis, the brain behind Staind.

As a man who tries out new systems, Clay is known for using almost all types of the console from DiGiCo. SD7 and SD8 are just two of them. Clay intended to be independent in music production as dependency results in inconveniences. To save time, he carries his console around. This improves production by improving budget constraints.




Clay has collaborated with Kelly Clarkson, Pink among others. Clay he made a name for himself through his career life. He indeed has a stellar reputation.Clay managed Maxwell as well as Jill Scott’s tour. He also worked with Jim Roach. Being the mastermind of the digital console, Clay Hutson provided viable options for the tour. Hutson’s success is attributed to his passion for music. He confesses to using SD7 because of the challenges involved in getting a consistent console. Learn more: