Creating Positive Returns: ClassDojo Ed-Tech Start-Up

Investing in future generations, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don began their company in 2011 to create an educational tool that would be responsive to the needs of the scholastic community. They wanted to offer a communications platform to connect parents, teachers and students throughout the school day. The San Francisco firm is now one of the fastest growing educational technology apps available — not bad for a venture start-up in this economy.

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ClassDojo offers a free iOS or Android app that is currently used in 90% of elementary and middle schools (K-8) in the United States. Translated into multiple international languages ClassDojo content offers flexibility to reach across ethnic barriers and connect communities in the common goal of providing positive educational experiences for our children.  Source:


Easy to use, ClassDojo fosters community and builds strong connections between students, parents and teachers. Students are empowered through individual portfolios which they can share with parents. Teachers can message parents privately to updating them regarding classroom activities. ClassDojo offers parents a support system purpose-built to engage families outside the classroom. This all works towards a positive environment within the community-supported classroom.


Based on, as the company grows, they expect to be able to show profit soon. Growth mindset content, additional videos, at-home lesson plans for parents, and customized products are among possible salable products. Another suggestion is to add a transactions feature so parents can pay for field trips, classroom supplies and cafeteria lunches over their phones using the ClassDojo app. Sounds like a great idea!

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