Dr. Mark Holterman: A Renowned Professor in Medicine

Dr. Mark Holterman has worked as a professor for a long period with over twenty years’ experience. He has been recognized for his excellence and contribution to the field in supporting his students and helping find new cures to diseases. He has been part of many research undertakings aimed at finding therapies and treatments to diseases such as cancer. He has also supported student’s residency and influenced their lives through his work. Read more at vitals.com to know more about Dr. Mark Holterman.

Dr. Mark’s efforts at the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam have been praised as outlined in the medical daily times. He has been an active partner of the organization by rallying support through donations and volunteer services. He has contributed to the success of the organization that seeks to support children of Vietnam access treatments for illnesses. Dr. Mark Holterman in collaboration with hospitals and medical schools has provided the children with surgical services and enabled them get advanced therapies.

Dr. Mark has an impressive educational background. He studied at Yale University where he graduated with bachelors in biology. He was a hardworking student who was determined to fulfil the dreams of those who needed surgery and treatment to live normal lives. Dr. Mark enrolled at the University of Virginia to earn his medical degree and a PhD before embarking on his career.

Mark Holterman is a professor at the University of Illinois where he inspires students to be innovative and contribute to advancement in the future of medicine. He has worked at hospitals as a pediatric surgeon among them Rush children’s hospital, Advocate of Hope Children’s Hospital and St. Francis Medical Center.

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He is passionate about helping children, which has motivated him to support charity organizations that are committed to the same. He also formed Hannah Sunshine Foundation to cater for children with rare diseases as part of his philanthropic course. Dr. Mark has certifications from the American Board of Surgery in Pediatric surgery and surgery. He has received awards and recognitions such as America top doctors, Chicago magazine top doctors, and ACS fellow for his contribution in medicine. View Mark Holterman’s Linkedin profile.