Drew Madden a Healthcare IT Professional

Drew Madden is a healthcare IT professional with more than ten years of experience. He acquired his B.S.E in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa, College of Engineering, focusing on Medical Systems. The offset of Mr. Madden’s Healthcare IT career was at Cerner Corporation where he worked as an Implementation Consultant. He also maintains four EPIC certifications.

Madden has since worked for various other corporations such as EpicCare, Willow and Ingenix as an epic consultant and in business development. He is also renowned for working for one of the biggest Epic consulting companies in the world, Nordic Consulting Partners. Here, he served as the president from 2011 to 2016. Nordic, due to its consulting excellence during Drew’s time, is the proud recipient of numerous KLAS awards including a first ranking for the Epic Implementation Services in the years 2012 and 2014.

During Drew’s reign, Nordic grew from 10 employees to 725, and 150 client partners from the previous three. Nordic’s annual revenue also grew from $1,000,000 annually to $130,000,000.

Mr. Madden expressed his love for his career in 2014 when he said that he has a great passion for Electronic Medical Records and has worked with the best in the industry over the years to take on the challenges that accompany an EMR project.

Drew is now the proud managing partner of the newly launched Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He is joined by three other co-founders and all four serve as managing partners. These partners are Aaron Friedman, Jeff Leach and Rebecca Bottorff. This, like many other corporations that he has worked for, is a healthcare IT company that mainly focuses on implementation and advisory services for enterprise EHP platforms and specialized HCTI applications.

The company states that their goal is to assist team members in achieving career growth as they work together with healthcare organizations. It also aims at helping healthcare organizations to improve outcomes and maximize IT investments. These strategies increase end-user satisfaction.

In his statement concerning the new company, Drew Madden said that they have added Talent Management Solutions to Evergreen’s offerings. This helps them to offer more assistance to their clients by focusing on their long-term success.