Get Along With Bruno Fagali

Fagali is a corporate integrity manager and lawyer at ‘FAGALI lawyers.’ Bruno graduated in the year 2009 at the Catholic University of Sao Paulo and garnered his undergraduate degree of Administrative law. Being Fagali is an erudite scholar he worked hard to earn his masters by the faculty of law of USP. In his education, he is based on areas of the anti-corruption law but specifically only three regions, and they include regulatory law, federal civil action and administrative.

Bruno Fagali as an ambitious and focused man he owns an office and Bruno Fagali holds a position as a corporate integrity manager on his business based on public interest. His firm is a private business which is advertising agency expressing the public opinion communication. Bruno Fagali’s hard work and passion are inspiration motivate him to deliver an excellent job. Bruno Fagali is gifted with the great talent of personality gained his access as a member of the Society of Ethics and Corporate Compliance.

Consumer law, domestic violence, and family law this are the cases that Bruno Fagali dealt with in 2006. But it’s great delight in 2007 he got remarks from the public when he made a wise judgment on the Advisory civil law contract. Come 2008 he decided he wants to focus on regulatory law and administrative process

Bruno Fagali brought a considerable controversy when he wrote an article that surprised many concerning a scandal of one of the advertising companies in Brazil and this, in turn, made him famous in the country.

Bruno Fagali is a well familiar with up to four languages that are: English, Portuguese, French and Spanish and this seen career make a step ahead thus increasing customers. It is said “None was honored for breezing through life; they are remembered for weathering storms.”

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