Information About Makari, A Leader In Natural Skin Whitening Cream Products

What Is Makari?

Makari also known as Makari De Suisse is a beauty care company that was created in 2000. It caters to men and women of color. The company was formed to serve the niche market of colored men and women who have been routinely ignored by major cosmetic and beauty companies.

The word Makari means beautiful in the African Swahili language. Makari’s aim is to help ethnic men and women of color achieve a beautiful appearance through natural skin whitening creams, hair care products and lotions. The Makari company does not use hydroquinone. This ingredient has been found to lead to numerous negative health side effects. Hydroquinone is often used in skin care products for people with dark skin. Instead Makari uses natural and safe alternatives for bleaching and moisturinzing such as carrot oil and argan oil.

Makari De Suisse manufactures its products in the nation of Switzerland. This country is known for its strict health and safety standards for food and health products. The Makari brand is considered to be a luxury brand. Its skincare and hair care products are contained inside unique bottles.

Makari Products can be shipped to consumers all over the world if purchased online. You can also find Makari products now in some local beauty stores. Specialty stores that cater to men and woman of color can also carry some of Makari’s products. You can contact the Makari company if you wish to become a distributor of the company’s products.

Products That The Makari Company Sells And Makes

The Makari beauty company now sells over 60 different products. Here is just a short sample of some of their best selling products right now.

The clarifying whitening exfoliating antiseptic soap is an excellent all around facial cleaner. It is designed to to exfoliate, brighten and gently clean the skin without drying it out. Ingredients include apricot fruit extract and mulberry extract.

Another popular product is the extreme carrot and argan oil glycerin. This cream helps to naturally reduce the production of melanin which creates dark pigments in the skin.

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  1. It also helps fade and whiten stretch marks, freckles, scars and liver spots. Natural ingredients include carrot oil, licorice root and castor oil. This is very important because essay have review do have all it takes to make sure the castor oil review will out well.

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