Lime Crime Has Added New Colors To Its Vegan-Friendly Hair Dye Collection

Last year, Lime Crime launched a collection of hair dyes dubbed the “Unicorn Hair Collection,” and Instagram was instantly obsessed. Now Lime Crime has announced that it’s adding several new shades to the collection, just in time for Halloween.

The colors are: Chestnut, a full-coverage maroon brown; Squid, a full-coverage ink purple; Charcoal, a full-coverage charcoal grey; and Sea Witch, a full-coverage rich teal. They are all brunette-friendly, so if you’re a darker-haired unicorn now is the perfect time to get in on the fun and rock a dramatically different hair color in your next selfie.

Lime Crime has designed all of its Unicorn shades to be mixed and matched, so Sea Witch would look perfect blended with the Blue Smoke hair tint. Or, blend Chestnut with Chocolate Cherry for a delicious hair mix.

If you’re looking for some makeup inspiration to go with your new hair color, the new Unicorn Queen makeup collection is about to be your new BFF. This range of colors is outrageously glittery and hyper-pigmented. In addition to smooth, silky highlighters, there are also three beautiful lip glosses: Unicorn Queen, Meadow, and Over the Rainbow. Unicorn Queen, a glittery lavender, seems almost made to go with Charcoal. The color contrast plays off each other beautifully. All three shades are “lip toppers,” which means they can be worn either on their own or over one of Lime Crime’s addictive lipsticks. Try Over the Rainbow – a sparkly nude – on top of Elle or Buffy, two shades from the original Matte Velvetines lipstick collection.

The makeup company, which is based in Los Angeles, is 100% vegan friendly – and that includes its hair dyes. The ingredients in the hair dye are based on vegetable glycerin. It’s ready to use straight out of the jar, which makes it easy to have fun with it at your next get-together. There’s no need to mix it with a developer first or apply heat.