Meet the Astounding Medical Expert, Dr. Imran Haque

Imran Haque is a doctor in a profession with much experience in the current medical platform. He currently works on the Northern side of Carolina where he has been of significant influence to all the hospitals that not only surround him but also work with him. In his higher learning, he achieved a medical degree from a reputable institution known as UNIBE. He has more than ten years of experience in the medical realm where he has been concentrating on widening his knowledge on this particular field and specialized well enough in it. He believes in trustable health insurance. Currently, Haque is a specialist in Internal Medicine.

Being an Internal Medical doctor means that Imran is a general care specialist who carries out outward examinations to patients. He treats common sicknesses to generally men and women. He is trusted by a vast number of patients is his status of being certified and approved as being good at this work. For now, Imran is working Horizon Internal Medicine, an institution which is entirely responsible for providing quality healthcare to all the residents residing in Asheboro. After his studies in the school of medicine, he enrolled in the University of Virginia for further medical training.

Today, Haque offers best treatment services to the patients brought to him. To assure best medical results to different clients who look up to him, Imran also delivers laboratory and ultrasound services in the best way possible. He conducts clinical check-ups and various examinations in a conventional manner with the aim of diagnosing and fighting ailments of every mode. When he comes across difficult diseases above his ability, he has the mandate to refer the affected patients to specific medical specialists above him with the ability to curb the stress.

The reason for Imran’s success in his career is his positive attitude of working and cooperating so well with other doctors he associates himself with. This has so much aided him in not only gaining further medical information he has no knowledge about but also getting much advice on how to go miles ahead in his career.