Michel Terpin’s Experience as a Co-Driver

Currently, Michel Terpin is a professional driver who has taken both rally drivers and rally fans alike with how fast he has climbed the rally ropes. Winning many series of the Rally dos Sertoes has ensured that he stamps authority as an experienced rally driver in this daring sport. He confesses spending over four years as a co-driver before venturing out as a leading rally driver of the Sertoes Bull Team. He, therefore, takes time to share his co-driving experience and how it shaped the person that he is currently. Primarily, he attests that co-driving looks into the elements of vehicle handling and the environmental designs that determine the various logistics in car rallying.

Starting as a Co-Driver

Since his assumption of co-driving in 2004, Michel Terpin became so passionate in this task that he felt like never quitting anytime soon. Since they drove the T-Rex model, he settled on the 1-6 system of the environment. In this arrangement, the one meant that the corners to be encountered were to be slow and using six indicated that the system was to be fast. The corner direction first for the car was a “Left 5 into Right 3”. The method was the origin of their success as it ensured that their rally car was efficient in encountering corners and remained equally faster.

Taking and Interpreting Audio Calls

Another area that required expertise was audio calls reception. In this case, Rodrigo Terpin, his brother implemented a system whereas a co-driver, the call icons were in a way that Michel could get a visual impression of the corners that laid ahead. Even though they had no detailed information pertaining corners compared the audio calls, they could still give useful information on the frequency of encountering turns, dips and other depressions in the course of the race.

Using Intuition to Describe Roads

Another skill in co-driving is intuition where, as the navigator, you need to intuitively describe the track or the road straight ahead despite being the first time you are driving on the road. Through this skill, Michel could confidently and accurately tell whatever the Bull Team was ahead hence they could compete for all the stages of their races.

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