No Lather, No Problem: WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioners Equal Modern Hair Care

The no-poo way of hair care has become popular over the years, thanks to the true original, the pioneer himself, Chaz Dean. The famous Hollywood stylist was way ahead of the curve more than 20 years ago when he first launched WEN’s no lather shampoo system.

Since that time, there have been tons of competitors, but none of them have been able to duplicate the natural WEN way. WEN has truly changed the way women care for their hair, and it’s a superb alternative to drugstore shampoos and conditioners for a few simple reasons.

First, let’s look at the world of shampoos and conditioners. If you don’t believe us, go check the back of the bottles of your favorite regular brands, and begin trying to read the long list of chemicals.

Sulfates, parabens and others are generally included, and some of you might say, so what. Well, these harsh chemicals are the same types found in your laundry detergent, for example. Why would any reputable brand blend these chemicals into shampoos?

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The chemicals are usually added to produce frothy lather, but Chaz Dean says you don’t need a lather to properly cleanse the hair. You don’t need to become trapped in a cycle of different bottles that claim to do this and that.

WEN By Chaz is made from nature’s finest botanicals and herbal extracts like lavender, tea tree and pomegranate. These unique formulas fortify the hair, restore shine and fullness without strong chemicals.

WEN’s special cleansing conditioners are one-bottle dynamos, able to wash like a shampoo, condition, de-tangle, deep condition and act as a stay-in conditioner.

WEN By Chaz’s formulas are rich, gentle and soothing to massage onto the hair and scalp. No matter what crazy texture, type or condition your mane is in, WEN can make it better.

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