Perry Mandera: A Transportation Entrepreneur driven by His Commitment to the Community

Perry Mandera is a remarkable individual, who has achieved immensely as an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. His mark of excellence can be observed from the moment his passion for transportation was ignited; when he learned to drive a truck during his tour of duty with the U.S Marine Corps Reserves. Because of his innovation and drive, Perry Mandera started a company at the age of 23, which he sold 5 years later in 1985. About a year later, Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies Inc. This organization has since grown to become an award winning, full service transportation provider with annual sales that exceed 200 million dollars.

Perry Mandera is a trailblazer in all regards including the political. He made a mark by being elected as the then youngest Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in Chicago. Ever since then, many organizations and individuals have benefitted from his support of the community. Perry Mandera has a lifetime of supporting children and youth organizations, cancer prevention and cure as well as veterans. Perry Mandera’s passion and care for the community resulted in the donation of 6,500 winter coats to children in the Chicagoland area. In the wake of tragedy, Perry Mandera has provided transportation of necessary supplies to tornado victims in Washington, the victims of hurricane Katrina and those families that lost their homes in the California wildfires.

In addition to supporting different charities, Perry Mandera was instrumental in starting The Custom Cares Charities. The Custom Cares Charities works with various organizations that provide assistance to the underprivileged and vulnerable. Perry Mandera is passionate about sports and as a result Custom Cares Charities has sponsored over a 100 sports teams in the community. The Custom Cares Charities also does incredible work with veterans because Perry Mandera believes that assisting them in any way possible is of paramount importance.

As a individual, Perry Mandera is a passionate family man who takes time to coach youth sports for basketball, football and baseball teams. He has ensured that his well rounded success is the success of the community as well.