Richard Blair Steers Wealth Solutions to Prosperity

Wealth Solutions is a registered wealth advisory firm that provides personalized financial planning services to affluent business owners, families, and individuals. It operates in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas such as New Braunfels, Houston, Marble Falls, Bastrop, and Georgetown. It was founded by Richard Blair in partnership with CTS, CAS, CFS, CES, and RICP. Richard Blair is a renowned investment advisor who boasts of over two decades of experience in the financial services industry.


Over time, financial markets are changing, and Wealth Solutions has not been left behind either. The firm believes that financial strategies must modify and adapt as market conditions shift. Wealth Solutions strives to provide dynamic, yet conservative retirement planning services to allow clients to maximize their wealth while minimizing the expected risk. As you approach retirement, Wealth Solutions understands that every employee wants to maintain a steady income flow, leave a legacy for the heirs, and preserve their wealth. Under the guidance of Richard Blair, Wealth Solutions seeks to develop a comprehensive financial plan to help clients achieve their retirement goals.


Wealth Solutions offers financial services that allow you to manage, grow, and preserve your wealth. You find a partner in Wealth Solution’s founder, Richard Blair, with whom you can efficiently plan your retirement and manage your resources. Wealth management can be a daunting process especially for individuals with tight working schedules. Nonetheless, working with a financial advisor can help you demystify the confusing aspects of wealth management.


About Richard Blair


Richard became drawn to the world of education way back in his childhood. He was born to a family of educationists where his grandmother, mother, and wife were teachers. As a result, he witnessed how education could help grow your confidence. Richard Blair combined his experience in the world of education with his natural aptitude for finance to help people with their investment planning. Shortly after graduating from college in 1993, Richard Blair ventured into the financial services industry. A year later, he founded Wealth Solutions, an independent financial advisory firm that provides personalized and professional advice to his clients.


Over time, Richard Blair has sharpened his skills and experience in retirement and investment planning. He helps his clients to bridge the gap between pre-retirement and post-retirement life. He provides his clients with strategies for retirement planning and helps them avoid common financial pitfalls. Richard Blair’s mission is to help his clients pursue their vision of a successful retirement. Learn more: