Sawyer Howitt And Millennials In Business

Many people believe that to be an entrepreneur one must be older and have the experience that comes with age. A lot of people view youth as being lazy and/or unprofessional. Unfortunately, many millennial’s are faced with this type of critical stereotype, making it rather difficult for them to overcome and prove their worth in the business world.

The generation called “baby boomers” generally did not start their own business until they were in their mid-thirties, while millennipreneurs are venturing out to start their businesses while still in their 20s. According to Fortune magazine, millennial’s are making bigger profits from their businesses than the baby boomers.

According to a US Chamber of Commerce report, in 2011, there are 27% of people born between 1980 and 2000 (millennials) who are self employed.

One great example of a millennial who has the understanding of running a successful business, is Sawyer Howitt, he graduated from Lincoln High School in Portland Oregon. He knows about customer service and brand interaction. He recently became the project manager for Meriwether Group, a Portland, Oregon development service. He has a passion for bettering his community and has donated his time to working for charities and mentoring youth programs as well as backing women’s rights groups. For fun, he spends his spare time fishing, playing racquetball, and watching basketball, his favorite team being the Portland Trailblazers.

Sawyer Howitt will do any job assigned to him at his family owned Meriwether Group company, he will do complex spreadsheets, presentations, and even some filing and note taking for a meeting being held. He believes that no job is too small when learning the nuances of the business world. Although, young for the position of project manager, he plans to follow his father and has his mind set on being successful in business. He plans to attend the University of California Berkley.

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