Talk Fusion Crowned Winner of Product Communications Award 2016

When it comes to the best Technology products out there, it is important to find a product that has no issue or bug. Companies want products that get the work done without any glitches. Talk Fusion has strived to create such a flawless product through its video communication platform. Since the release of the program, Talk Fusion has grown to become a leader in the communication industry. The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, stated that the firm had dedicated itself to excellence. It has built an excellent IT team which ensures that they create the best products in the market. Bob knew that the communication job needed the best men and women in the market.


Talk Fusion is a company popular for its business marketing solution. The firm has come up with cutting edge and innovative technology in video communication solutions. The firm has since been recognized for their top quality products in the market. The company’s video chat product has won many awards and received wide media attention. The firm received the 2016 communication solutions award for the best communications solutions. The award is usually given to companies that have excelled in the video, voice, and data communications in the past year.


Talk Fusion’s video chat technology makes use of WebRTC technology. That kind of technology allows users to communicate anywhere and on any device. The app has been released to the Android and Apple markets. According to the company CEO, Bob Reina, the achievement marks the beginning of new things. The firm will continue to excel and push products to win other awards. It plans to come up with other innovative programs that will ease communication. The award is an evidence of the hard work and commitment of the company.


It may sound easy to win an award. However, winning two consecutive awards in a year is not a small thing. Talk Fusion is a company that has come up with leading technology in the communications market. The firm has always worked hard to improve and help people. One thing is true about Talk Fusion; it always gets the work done.


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