The Chainsmokers’ Rampant Rise to Fame

Anyone will be forgiven for thinking that The Chainsmokers have been in existence for decades. This is due to the way this music band has taken the entertainment industry by storm. The Chainsmokers have been in the industry for just two months, yet their works have gathered plaudits from all over the country. The Chainsmokers first shot into fame in 2015 with their first track that was called Roses. That spelled the beginning of a successful career that has thrived ever since. The Chainsmokers is made of two guys who used to be producers before trying their hand in singing. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have released other songs since their breakthrough in 2015. Some of these tracks include Paris, Something Just Like This, and Closer. Most of their songs are collaborations with other prominent musicians such as Coldplay and Halsey.

Following their brilliant breakthrough, much was expected from The Chainsmokers. Many people craved to hear more of their music. They could therefore not afford to let down their fans after showing immense promise at the beginning. They have since ventured into production of electronic music since then. This genre has greatly favored their style, and one of their tracks called Sick Boy has become an instant hit after release.

Recently, they performed at an event that was hosted at Hilton hotel in collaboration with American Express. They were interviewed before the show started and gave an account of how they have managed to make a name in this competitive industry that has many established superstars. They had stayed for nine months without releasing a hit track. At the beginning of 2018, they released a track called Sick Boy. Drew Taggart informed the interviewer that the reason why they had unusually delayed in releasing a new song was that they wanted to develop a track that would fit seamlessly into the current market demands. This is the reason why they waited for nine months without a track, unlike the past years when they had a new song every month. Taggart says that researching the market needs has been vital in helping them give listeners what they want to hear. Their music mainly intends to reflect the society that they live in.