The Road-map to Success

Josh Verne is an accomplished businessman as well as an entrepreneur. He is a successful man who believes that one must adhere to specific principles in order to be successful. He has an experience of more than 20 years. In creating businesses, developing them and selling them. He is the CEO of, an organization that helps students share their information on an online podium.


The first step of being successful in a business is to be a leader and not a boss. A boss is a person who only considers himself and not the rest. A boss is insisting and aims to accomplish his goals. A leader is a person of the people, he puts his staff first before any other thing. This enables them to be respected because they deserve it. He works together with his people to achieve goals that will benefit everyone.


The second point is that everything should be a win-win situation, you should be keen not to decide to make a deal that at the end maybe a loss. Be motivated to win in every contract you make. The success should also include your clients and customers.


The third aim is speaking less and listening more. Your staff and even clients will show you more respect thus they will always consider paying attention to you. Fourthly, be able to create a balance in your life. Your home and health should also be part of your success. Succeed in your business as well as your health and at home.


Lastly, discover what you are passionate about, what makes you wake up every morning and go for it. This step will motivate you to do even better in improving your business and making a difference to those around you. Josh Verne adhered to all these and hence became an accomplished man.

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