These are A Few of My Favorite Things: Lip Balm Eddition

As an avid make-up”a-holic” one of my favorite products to purchase whenever I shop at Walmart are lip products. Lip products come in a wide range of different types. There are lipsticks, lip balms, lip stains and even things to enhance and plump your lips for a sultry, sexy appearance.
My collection spans from the deepest dark color of lip stain, all the way to the shimmery sheer lip balm collection I have; which is my go-to item on any occasion. It is just the perfect top coat for any shade you may use.

Lip balm is something you can wear at any time, with little or full make-up. It can enhance the lips just enough to be noticed, but also provide moisture enriching products. The best lip balm I have found would definitely have to be my EOS lip balm. With “Evolution of Smooth” lip balm you can assure you lip stay soft and moisturized and avoid the cracking that some people may experience in the winter.

And this isn’t just your normal lip balm. With “EOS” you are offered a wide variety of lip balms, in hopes of meeting everyone’s needs. My absolute favorite lip balm collection from them would have to be their “Organic Smooth Spears”. They offer so many different “flavor” options and all of them are just as wonderful as the one before. My personal favorite is the Strawberry Sorbet, which is often seen on Walmart. It’s like tasting an ice cream shop on your lips!

I’m betting you become a lip balm “a-holic” with just one use! Visit their website: Follow EOS on Twitter.



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  1. You may not be as passionate about your lip balm as I am but if you are on the market for something new then take my advice and give EOS a try. They are very affordable and last for quite some time. I do need to write my assignment to cater to the needs of the EOS this time.

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