Transforming Therapy: Talkspace and the New Age of Psychotherapy

For decades, if not centuries, psychotherapy and the field of mental health have suffered from a daunting stigma. This persistent reproach with regards to one’s mental health and the shame of seeking needed help has prevented many individuals from reaching out. Talkspace, a texting therapy app, is a key element in approaching this dilemma. While texting therapy is not the cure-all, it has greatly modified the disciplines of counseling and mental health.

There are many advantages to this new-age style of therapy. Because Talkspace is a texting therapy app, it is perfect for those individuals that struggle to make their way to a physical office. Because one can simply text his or her therapist, there has been an expansion of individuals receiving professional help. Furthermore, Talkspace allows for numerous styles of communication. The numerous mediums of communication available through Talkspace allows the individual to express his or herself in the way that is most comfortable for them. Effective communication proves to be crucial when an individual is discussing personal situations and feelings.

When using Talkspace, one can rest assured that they will be speaking with a licensed therapist. One such therapist, Alicia, describes why she chose to become a mental health professional. As Alicia explains in her article, she specializes in trauma-focused therapy. Another blog on the Talkspace website describes one mother’s journey as she separated from her abusive husband and the role that self-care and mental health played during that period in her life. It is important to note, however, that if an individual finds him or herself in an emergency or experiencing a mental break (or other mental crisi


s) that they should call 9-1-1 or reach out to the mental health hotline.

If one finds themselves looking for a new therapist, or is simply looking to improve their mental health, have them consider Talkspace.